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Hello, everyone. It’s been a really long time since this thread has had any action. Jeff seems to have gotten busy and this finally came up on my list of priorities so I made a version of the firmware that supports SmartThings (and Hubitat).

The code for the firmware can be found here:

The code for the SmartThings device handler can be found here:

The code for the Hubitat device handler can be found here (this will probably change locations if Hubitat introduces a github integration):

Same concept to install as previously mentioned in this thread for the device handler. The only difference now is that in your OpenGarage firmware settings you need to go to Integrations and you need to specify the IP and port of your SmartThings (or Hubitat) hub.

For example, my SmartThings hub is at: (39500 is the default port)

My Hubitat hub is at: (39501 is the default port)

I’ve been using it for a couple of days. Hopefully it will work out for you guys.

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