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I suspect “internet connected” means to the internet at large as opposed to just the local home network. I use mine this way sandboxed in an isolated vlan where it can respond to local net requests but not initiate them. The one exception is I allow it to the internet for dest port 123 so it can get the time. I could run a local NTP server but there is no way to specify that to the OG which I think fokcuk is referencing.

For true remote access, I connect to my home network with a vpn so I can get “local” access to my OG. I also wrote a bash script that monitors my OG and sends email and/or SMS on certain conditions which I can get remotely of course. I have just started playing with MQTT with a local server and am getting the OG messages. I intend to write a client watcher in javascript under nodejs to replace the bash script but haven’t gotten to that yet.