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@kculhane It is definitely for everybody but it is not ready yet. Don’t install it until we give you an okay.

Also, I think what Jeff is getting at is if we do this change correctly on the firmware for ST we may be able to get away from doing one-off changes for every integration we need.

This is very interesting to me. Maybe what we setup in the GUI is something like the ability to choose POST or GET and then just provide a URL and then maybe even provide a way to add more of them and we can store the webhook configuration in an array. This way we could configure as many as we wanted until we ran out of memory or hit some imposed limit or something (like 5 or 10).

To your other question, yes, it is absolutely reasonable for us to want to send the data that we need so we don’t have to turn around and make another call right back and ask for it. I was just trying to make it as least impacting as possible. I would actually want essentially the same payload we get on calling “/jc” actually. Specifically the mac address, door, and vehicle. I can get the rest of the values from “/jc” if I need them.

To support 2 OGs in ST wouldn’t be via port, URL or payload. ST does this based off of the connecting device’s packet or TCP/IP connection information probably. It looks at the MAC address of the connection I think but it doesn’t send that information along to me. It just uses it to route and then drops it. I would be able to configure multiple OGs in ST though by giving each OG in STs the correct physical MAC address of each physical OG. Then the routing would work and each virtual device in ST would get the appropriate packets from that same URL and port.

Let me know if that makes sense.

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