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@lawrence_jeff Ah, sorry for the confusion. It isn’t anything you have to handle in the request on the firmware side. If you are setting up the device in SmartThings it was something very specific that you have to do on the hub side. It was so specific in fact that I programmed around it making it easier for user by filling in values that work programmatically using the IP and port and then later putting the MAC address in there when it’s available from a response from the OG. The values had to be manipulated in a special way and wasn’t intuitive at all.

For the firmware’s part it really is as simple as just the one header, the JSON payload and the destination address of http://[internal_st_hub_ip]:39500/ I think. The rest I’ll include as a write-up or something of how you have to configure the ST hub side. It’s actually very simple for the user now.

By the way, the listening port on the ST hub is apparently variable so I made a printout on the ST side for the user to be able to see what it is. On the firmware side don’t append 39500 as a hardcode and let the user provide a string containing the the entire URL I think just to be safe.

Please let me know if I haven’t cleared things up.

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