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I guess I didn’t realize that the current integration calls weren’t HTTPS. I would prefer not to go through IFTTT but that is an option. There is probably a way for an IFTTT recipe to perform a GET to any given URL. Maybe the Maker channel does that already. I think MQTT or any proxy server is a lot of requirement to add because to me it feels like this should be more simple.

How hard is it to do a HTTP POST with a JSON payload? I did some messing around and I was able to get the more complicated method of receiving local requests without going through the ST website. Everybody around the ST forums made it sound very complicated but it wasn’t bad. I was able to get a device handler to receive local requests. The trick was that the device network ID of the OG had to match the MAC address without the octet separator and it had to be in all caps. Then it was as easy as doing a POST in Postman to http://[internal_st_hub_ip]:39500/. The request had no authentication. It had just one header with Content-Type as “application/json” and then a body in JSON.
The JSON it is expecting in the POST to do a refresh is { “refresh”: true }.

I wrote this new local functionality into my device handler already. I had to change a few things in the current device handler to get this to work. For example, when an outbound request is made from the device the response is only routed to the correct device handler if the device’s device network ID is the IPinHex:PortinHex. I found out that routing also works if you use the MAC address as I described above. However, to receive inbound requests the device’s device network ID MUST be the MAC and not the IP:PORT so I adapted the code to use the IP:PORT until it could get the MAC from a “/jc” call and then fill it in so it could receive requests.

Here is the link to the updated device handler.