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Are you trying this on an OpenGarage device or a DIY device. Backing up a bit – with your arduino install can you compile a simple example like the Blink one? That will help make sure your compile env is working before moving on to OpenGarage

If that looks ok – the next challenge is making sure you have the correct directory structure
In your arduino libraries folder (check the preferences sketchbook setting to see where that is set but usually in My documents) you should have a structure like this

– Libraries
—– Blynk
—– pubsubclient
—– OpenGarage
———-other files
—–Other Libraries

Then when you open Arduino you should have an option under Fie – >Examples – > OpenGarage

If you don’t see this your structure is not correct

If that is good – I see you are using a newer version of the IDE, you might want to downgrade to an earlier version. Honestly I prefer my compile instructions – they can be found here

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