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Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Mobile Apps, Fully Open-Source Product

Our mobile apps for OpenGarage are easy to understand and use. The status of the door is clearly printed on the home page and allows you to toggle the door with a clearly labeled button. Our apps also allow you to control multiple OpenGarage units for multi-garage setups.
OpenGarage is a fully open-source product. The hardware design, software code (including both firmware and app code), API documents are publicly available in the OpenGarage github repository. You can customize it to fit your own specific need. In essence, OpenGarage is a WiFi-enabled gadget with a built-in ultrasonic distance sensor and relay. You can use it as a sump pump sensor to monitor the water level in a sump pump; you can use it as a parking sensor to make sure your car is parked at a perfect distance; you can also connect additional sensors, such as temperature and humidity sensors to make a WiFi-enabled temperature and humidity sensor with logged data.

Monitor, Control, and Automate Garage Door Actions From Anywhere

Have you ever unintentionally left your garage door open after leaving home, and got stressed or worried about it? OpenGarage comes to rescue! With OpenGarage, you can monitor the door status, close or open it from anywhere, check history, get notifications, and even delegate it to auto-close the door with the automation feature.
Whether you are at home, office, or traveling on the road, you can now access OpenGarage using our free apps available for all mobile platforms. Next time you leave home, never have to feel stressed again about accidentally leaving the door open!

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